Individual Therapy

Claudia is most passionate about working with individuals with personality disorders, in particular with borderline, narcissistic, dependent, and obsessive compulsive personality disorders.

In addition, Claudia enjoys helping clients who have lived through traumatic experiences, or who struggle with anxiety or depression.

Claudia mostly uses schema therapy in individual work. This helps clients delve into the past, to find links with the present, and to undergo experiential exercises that foster healing. Schema Therapy is a therapeutic approach that focuses on maladaptive schemas (i.e., traits) that we may have acquired in childhood, and schema modes (i.e., states) that we operate in typically. Once schemas and modes are identified, clients gain awareness and can work on their challenges, mainly by strengthening the healthy adult mode both during and outside therapy.

Enlisted below are some of the presentations that Claudia works with on a regular basis:

Personality disorders

Social anxiety


Bipolar disorder

Obsessive compulsive disorder

Post traumatic stress disorder


Panic disorder

Health anxiety

Specific phobias