Claudia Doig

Clinical Psychologist











Couple Therapy

Claudia is passionate about helping couples rekindle and improve their relationships. She ensures a safe space for therapy, free of blame and judgment. Claudia implements therapy approaches based on research that observed thousands of couples across decades.

Individual Therapy

Past experiences shaped each of us in unique ways. Sometimes, automatic ways of being can sabotage our relationships. Collaboratively, Claudia seeks to improve quality of life through awareness and self-actualisation.

Family Therapy

Sometimes the whole family can get stuck in unhelpful interactional patterns. Claudia aims to guide the family towards harmony by providing adaptive communication, parenting, and interpersonal strategies to each family member as needed, working towards common goals as a team.

Therapy with Claudia

Claudia provides therapy both online and in person. She can provide therapy in English, French, Romanian, and Italian.

Therapy starts with an assessment session that enables the client to share concerns and challenges. Claudia helps guide the session by asking questions that allow an understanding of the client’s world. Subsequently, Claudia and the client agree on therapy goals and a treatment plan is put into place.

Claudia aims to help clients achieve their therapy goals by focusing on strategies that can be applied in the present, as well as concurrently understanding and processing the past. She provides clients with a nonjudgmental safe space to work together on individual challenges. Depending on the presentation and preferences of each individual, clients need sessions over a few weeks, months, or years. All along, Claudia encourages her clients to eventually become their own therapist, by equipping them with techniques and ways of dealing with situations that arise over the course of therapy, and healing wounds from the past through awareness, self-compassion, and corrective experiences.

Claudia Doig